At Holly Farm, we believe animals are some of our greatest teachers. We are committed to creating a fun, inclusive, and healthy environment to learn from each other and our four-legged herd. See below for a sample of our programs. For more information or to schedule, please contact us.


We are especially committed to providing opportunities for those who might not otherwise have access. If you think that applies to you, your child, or your community, please reach out to us.

Groundwork and Riding Lessons

Maggie teaches a limited number of weekly groundwork and riding lessons based in the principles of natural horsemanship and dressage. These lessons are focused on building connection, developing healthy biomechanics, and learning to read your horse. Availability is limited; for our full riding program, check out Equine Life Solutions.


Horse Care Day Camps

Do you love to spend time around animals, want to be a horse owner, or want to learn what it takes to care for a large herd of horses? This program is not for the faint of heart. We put you to work alongside our experienced staff so that you learn all of it - how to lead horses, muck stalls, give daily feed, and more.


This is a non-riding program, but can be done in parallel with a lesson program. Must be 12 years or older.


Equine and Farm Mini-Camps

Horses and animals are incredible teachers. We host a variety of non-riding camps for groups of all ages and backgrounds. Are you an organization or do you have a full group? Reach out to see if there's mini-camp that would be a good fit. Themes vary, but center around self-reflection, trust, confidence, and team-building.

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