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Our lesson program prioritizes safety, fun, and an equine-centric approach to horsemanship. We offer riding and groundwork lessons to adults and youth (aged 8+), taught by experienced instructors on gentle school horses. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and regularly go on to become loving horse owners, excel in competitive programs, or remain lifetime equine hobbyists.


Our riding lessons draw on principles from centered riding to teach the foundations of balance and connection with your horse. While developing confidence, youth students learn in bareback pads and adults learn in endurance-style saddles, in order to develop an independent seat. We teach students the long-leg and forward seat positions at the walk, trot, and canter to set them up for success in any discipline, from dressage to jumping to Western games. 

Our groundwork lessons teach the skills to develop a relationship with a horse on the ground. Our teaching philosophy is based in natural horsemanship principles, learning to read the ways in which horses communicate with each other and with us. Lessons begin with practicing safe handling and progress to working with horses on 22' and 45' lines and at liberty.

Meet our instructors here!


We match our students to a weekly lesson spot in order to build and retain skill. Just as with any sport, consistency is important to develop strength and competency. The majority of our lessons are in groups of 2-4 students of similar experience level, though we have limited midweek availability for private lessons. We provide safe, experienced lesson horses to all students.


  • Minimum age for youth students: 8 years old

  • Physical strength: Riders must have the strength and flexibility to be able to safely mount and dismount their horse independently


  • Group 55-minute lesson: $70

  • Private 55-minute lesson: $90

Lessons are billed monthly and payment is due at the beginning of the month.

Please Note: We do not offer haul-in or one-time lessons.

Currently, our program is completely full with a waitlist. To be added to our waitlist for either riding or groundwork lessons, please provide your information through our Contact Us page. We actively work through our waitlist whenever we can, and will reach out as soon as soon as we have a opening!

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