Our team of staff is here full-time, seven days a week to make sure that your animals receive the very best care. We have extensive experience handling horses and receive annual veterinary training to make sure we keep everyone, both two and four legged, safe.

We are proud that most of our team members have been working at Holly Farm for several years. We strive to make the farm a place where animals love to live and where we love to work.





I was lucky to grow up in a family that believed being around horses would make me a better person. Holly was my first pony - an expressive, tolerant Arab-Morgan who taught me patience, grit, and empathy. With Holly and other horses since, I've practiced dressage, gymkhana, hunter-jumper, competitive trail, and more, learning from trainers of both traditional and natural horsemanship philosophies. Now my main partners are Merlin, a playful Friesian-cross, and Rosie, my wise, gentle Quarter Horse mare. Beyond my own horsemanship, I'm passionate about developing community programs. My professional background is in corporate strategy, program evaluation, teaching, and advocacy, and I've worked with diverse groups of people, from foster care youth to migrant populations to Fortune 100 leadership.

For me, it's an incredible privilege to work with animals and their humans every day. It's my goal to develop an ever more inclusive and supportive community here at the farm, centering everything we do around safety, sustainability, and healthy relationships.


Things on the farm break every day, and every day Ray fixes them. Ray brings tremendous energy to everything he does, with experience from both premier equestrian facilities as well as construction. On any given day, you might find him building a new paddock, repairing fences, or bringing in horses. Plus, we have a lot of nice people on the farm, but Ray might be the nicest.



Seasons change, but Abe can always be found with his wheelbarrow and pitchfork, giving an affectionate scratch to the horse in whatever paddock he's cleaning. Over the years, he's become a trusted hand with even our most squirrelly horses, and whether he's soaking wet or toasting in the hot sun, will always tell you everything's going just fine.

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As a former elephant specialist and long-time zoo employee, Bruce brings a lifetime of experience around animals. Ask him about giraffes, wolves, or rhinos and he'll have a story for you. Bruce has an eye for details and catches all the things that fall through the cracks - often we don't realize everything he does until he takes a day off...



Holly is a wizard with chickens, which translates to kids. Or maybe the other way around. Either way, if it's running around and hard to catch, Holly's on it. When she's not getting in a workout cleaning the barn, Holly helps run our youth programs. She's also the founder of Egg Song Farm - find her farm fresh eggs at the farm or a nearby farmer's market!


Olivia is a queen of "can-do", jack of all the barn trades, and always ready to help out. She comes to horses with a dog training background, which has proven to be quite transferrable, and has a great memory for the many details involved in caring for our herd. And whatever you catch her doing, it's with an easy flexibility and an unfailingly positive attitude.

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Cory is never happier than when she's hanging out with a horse, which is good news for our herd - she has a keen eye for a subtle limp, new scratch, or swollen joint and helps us catch as much as we can, as early as we can. If you're lucky, she'll send you some pretty cute photos of your horse doing silly things. Cory also teaches youth lessons with ELS.