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Workshops on communication, leadership, trust, and building relationship

Equine Collaborative Education

Horses provide a compelling metaphor for leadership by relying on teamwork, relationships, trust, and communication to drive success. In our horse-centric experiential learning opportunities, participants gain invaluable insights into effective leadership and communication by experiencing the nuances of gaining a horse's trust - and keeping it. 

Discover insights on:

Our Leaders

Chrissie has spent decades working in and around education, with a particular focus on leadership. She holds a Master's degree in Educational Leadership & Policy, is certified in Strategic Leadership, and has over 25 years experience teaching and coaching learners of every kind. She is inspired by the ways that horses provide transformative experiential learning opportunities.

Maggie has a professional background in strategy consulting and teaching, and experience working with diverse groups, from Fortune 100 corporate leadership to foster care and migrant youth. Now, as the Farm Manager and owner at Holly Farm, she teaches students to be conscientious horse-people and works to create a community centered around integrity, sustainability, and healthy relationships.

Together with an incredible herd of horses, Chrissie and Maggie create a dynamic experience that facilitates a deeper appreciation for how humans can function a little more like a herd.


Workshop Rates

  • Half-day (4 hour) workshops begin at $1300 for up to 8 participants.

  • Full-day (8 hour) workshops begin at $2000 for up to 8 participants. 

Contact us to discuss your specific needs! We can accommodate a variety of group sizes, time frames, and special experiences.


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