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Our boarders are the heart and soul of our community. These horse owners come from diverse equine backgrounds, both competitive and recreational, but each puts their horses' health and well-being above all else. We strive to maintain a high standard of respect and support across all of our community members and, in doing so, have developed an incredible, humble, and caring network of horse-loving humans.

Openings are rare and priority is given to horse owners involved in Holly Farm programs. Board discounts are available to horses that participate in the lesson program. To inquire about availability or get on our waitlist, please contact us.
We offer two board types:


Private Gravel Run

with indoor stall or outdoor shed


Private or Shared Pasture

with indoor stall or outdoor shed

Basic rates start at $925/month and include:​

  • High quality timothy hay provided 2x daily up to 24lbs, with option to substitute for low-sugar option or alfalfa (price adjusted according to market rate)

  • Basic grain, vitamins, and any owner-provided supplements fed in AM

  • Daily turn-out and turn-in for indoor horses

  • Coordination of routine farrier and dental care

  • Other services available by request

  • 24-hour on-call staff for emergency veterinary services

  • 2x annual worming

  • Blanketing (according to temperature)

Other Services:​

  • Daily lunch

  • PM Grain

  • Daily pasture turnout

  • Application of eligible medicine / veterinary care


Additional services available by request.

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