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Would your horse thrive with a part-time job? The lesson horse program is a great way for your horse to get additional light exercise and training, as well as meticulous care and attention.

Our lesson program draws on principles from dressage, centered riding, and natural horsemanship to teach the foundations of balance and connection. Horses in the program are doted upon, with regular chiropractic and massage care, training with our experienced instructors, and keen attention to aches, pains, and soreness. We are transparent and strict about managing daily schedules, setting weight limits, ensuring appropriate tack and equipment, and coordinating with your riding schedule so that the workload is appropriate for each horse.


We are open to all breeds and backgrounds, if they meet the requirements below. We typically ride in english or all-purpose saddles, and bitless bridles or simple bits (using owner-provided tack or our own). Our lesson program is focused on foundations, so dressage horses and barrel racing horses alike have been successful!

To be eligible for the program, lesson horses must be:

  • Fully sound at the walk and trot (ability to canter and/or go over small jumps is a plus)​

  • Confident with beginner to intermediate riders​

  • Able to commit to a minimum of 5 lessons per week​

  • In consistent work for at least six months out of the prior year


Holly Farm provides:

  • Board discount proportional to the number of lessons the horse is in each month

  • Extra hands-on attention and health care (e.g. ointment applied to small cuts and scrapes, thrush medication applied to hooves, fly spray applications, etc.)

  • 45 minutes of ridden work or groundwork 2x/month by a Holly Farm instructor or qualified intern

  • Chiropractic adjustments


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